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Menu for favorite Macros in Mac Excel 2016

In Mac Excel 2016 we can't use the code anymore that I use on this page for Excel 2011 to create a popup menu for your favorite macros: Menu for favorite macros in Excel 2011 for the Mac

But in Mac Excel 2016 we can use RibbonX now to change the Excel Ribbon. because creating menus with RibbonX is not so easy for most Excel users I create a add-in that makes it easy to make a menu for your favorite macros.

You find the buttton to open the menu on the Home tab and on that menu you find a button named "Change Menu", when you click on it it will unhide the sheet with the menu table and all the information you need to know how to edit the menu.


Download and install the add-in (Beta version)

Download (file date: 16-Sept-2016)

First step :

Normal you install a add-in with Tools>Add-ins in the menu bar so it open each time you open Excel, because of a bug it is not possible to do this in Excel 2016 for the Mac with this specific add-in. The workeround is to copy the add-in in a folder on your machine, and browse to this folder in Excel>Preferences...General in "At startup, open all files in:". Important : Be sure you use a folder with only this add-in because Excel will open every file in this folder.

Next step :

After you follow the first step en open Excel you will notice the button RDB Menu on the Home tab and if you click on it you see a dropdown menu. When you click on the Change Menu button in the dropdown you can change the menu and find information how to do this. Please let me know if you have problems with this beta version so I can try to fix them.