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Menu for favorite Macros in Mac Excel 2016

In Mac Excel 2016 we can't use the code anymore that I use on this page for Excel 2011 to create a popup menu for your favorite macros: Menu for favorite macros in Excel 2011 for the Mac

But in Mac Excel 2016 we can use RibbonX now to change the Excel Ribbon. Because creating menus with RibbonX is not so easy for most Excel users I create a add-in with a help workbook that makes it easy to make a menu for your favorite macros in a txt file.

In the first version of the add-in I used a worksheet in the add-in for the menu information and changed the VBA IsAddin property to show the sheet but in Mac Excel 2016 this is not working correct so in the new example I use a txt file with the menu information.

You find the buttton named My Menu to open the menu on the Home tab (Sorry screenshot is Dutch).


Download and install the add-in (Beta version 2)

Download (file date: 18-May-2018)

Be sure that your Office install is 16.15 or higher, before that version there is a bug that installed add-ins are read-only, so you can't edit/save the code in the VBA editor.

Note : The txt file and workbook to make the menu must be in the same location as the add-in


First step :

You can use a location that have no problems with Apple’s sandbox requirements, see this page for more information :

If you use for example a folder on the Desktop you will notice that it will ask you permission to access the txt file the first time you click on the menu button (Grant File Access Prompt), this is because of Apple’s sandbox requirements.

Now install the add-in with Tools>Add-ins in the menu bar so it open each time you open Excel.


Next step :

After you follow the first step en open Excel you will notice the button My Menu on the Home tab and if you click on it you see a dropdown menu. When you want to change the menu you can open the workbook named CreateDynamicMenuInTxtFile.xlsm to add or edit buttons and menu's in the txt file. See the buttons on top of the menu sheet to Add or End a menu or add buttons or delete a line. Click the top left button to save the new info in the txt file and test the menu after that. You can add your new macro callbacks in the MacroModule of the add-in if you add new buttons and click on Save in the VBE editor menu.

It is also possible to add the complete xml in the VBA code but with the txt file it is easier to edit. If you have problems let me know so we can fix it.

For more information about the Mac Ribbon visit  this page : Change the Ribbon in Mac Excel 2016