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Excel Function Bible Help is created by Norman Harker(Australia) in association with Ron de Bruin(Netherlands). You can use the link below to download all the 468 example files and a Function Index workbook so it is easy to search and open the example workbooks. When you open the Excel Function Bible Menu workbook you will find a worksheet for each function classification group but I also add the classifications on my site with a brief description, check out the links below the download.

Download the Excel Function Bible (18.4 mb)

File date 15-June-2014 : History of downloads

Note: New version with different background colors and more


About the Excel Function Bible

The Excel Function Bible is aimed at providing meaningful and practical help in finding and implementing the 468 Excel functions. It replaces and adds significantly to the help users can call for whilst building or using Excel workbooks. To make it easier to navigate through all the Excel functions example workbooks(using a nice Ribbon interface) It will also be available as a add-in soon.

A fully inclusive set of indexes allows users to find particular functions and gives the brief descriptions. Using these indexes on the classifications web pages users can bring up individual files for each function.

The first worksheet of each function file provides descriptions of the functions, the syntax, and descriptions of the arguments required. The front page includes a brief history of the function that allows users to determine which versions of Excel introduced the function and whether and when capabilities of the functions were changed. Each front page provides details of any equations used by the function in traditional and linear format. An addition section provides the cause of error messages that may be returned by the function. There is also a link on this worksheet to the Excel online help for the function.

Second and subsequent worksheets provide copy and paste facilitated examples of the use of the function ranging from simple implementation to more complex examples of use including use by interaction with other functions.


Bugs or Additonal Examples

This is an evolving project. We would appreciate users providing us with additional examples of typical or extremely useful applications of the functions especially in conjunction with other functions. All examples provided will be appropriately and prominently acknowledged.

Similarly, we don’t pretend to be perfect and would appreciate reports of any bugs or errors that may have crept in. Please contact Norman Harker or me to report bugs or providing us with additional examples.

Norman Harker : Contact Norman

Ron de Bruin : Contact Ron


Support : If you find the Excel Function Bible useful and want to support the development of the Excel Function Bible we appreciate a donation so we can keep the site adds free.


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