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In July 2011, I started working with Office 2011 on my first Mac computer. My idea is to go through all my Excel for Windows tip pages and see if I can also get the VBA code working in Mac Excel. It is very diffecult to make code that will work in every Mac Excel version. On new pages I will not add examples anymore for Excel 2011 and it seems that also the Retail version of Excel 2016 will be a problem because MS will not fix problems and add new stuff in the O365 and the Retail version the same time. Maybe in the future I will also stop testing in the Retail version.


Problems and system and version information

Ribbon pages for Mac Excel 2016

Mail from Excel and make/mail PDF files

Working with Files and Folders

Userfoms on the Mac


Read and Save settings

Other Topics

Excel add-ins for Excel for the Mac