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Excel Automation

Microsoft MVP Program

Working with Files and Folders (Mac)

Problems with Apple’s sandbox requirements and Mac Office 2016 and up with VBA code

Get path of Special folder

Check if File or Directory Exists

Make Directory if it not exist

Copy Folder in Microsoft Office for the Mac with VBA

Use VBA Kill to delete files

Use VBA to Delete all files in folder

Loop through Files in Folder on a Mac (Dir for Mac Excel)

Make it easy to create a list of files from a folder add-in TIP

Merge Excel workbooks on a Mac

Create a summary worksheet from different workbooks(formula links created with macro)

Select files on a Mac (GetOpenFilename)

GetSaveAsFileName on a Mac

Select Folder with VBA/Macscript in Mac Office

Show hidden Files and folders on Mac

SaveAs and FileFormat numbers

Make folder in the Office folder in Office 2016 and create shortcut on the Desktop with VBA