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Date Picker Add-in for Excel 2007 and up for Windows

Note: There are 6 languages supported on this moment :English, German, Espa˝ol, Franšais, Russian and Danish.


Right click on a worksheet cell and click on the Date Picker menu option to open the Date Picker.



1) You can select any month and year with the arrow keys and click on Today to jump to today's date. When you click on the button with the ? you can read the information below how to insert the date or week number in the active cell.

2) You have an option to insert a Live Calendar to your worksheet, click on the "Insert Live Calendar" button, the screenshot below is for the ISO week number system. If you change the date on top of the calendar it will update the calendar automatic.

Live Month Calendar

3) When you click on Change Settings the Date Picker you have the following options :

In the Settings section you can :


Download and Install information

Excel 2007 and up

1) Download the RDB Date Picker add-in (Version 1.6 for Excel 2007 and up : 7-March-2019). Many thanks to John McGhie, Mourad Louha, Sergio Alejandro Campos, Bernard Rey, Vladimir Zakharov and Dan Elgaard for the translations of this add-in.

Note: In version 1.6 it is also possible to use the add-in if you not have Format Columns checked in the sheet protection dialog if you protect your sheet. Format Cells is still needed when you protect your sheet.

2) Copy WinDatePicker.xlam to a unprotected directory on your system.
     Tip: Use one folder for all your add-ins (easy to back up your add-ins this way)

3) Start Excel and open a workbook.

2007: Click the Microsoft Office Button, click Excel Options, click the Add-Ins tab.
2010 and up: Click on File, click on Options, click the Add-ins tab.

In the Manage drop-down, choose Excel Add-ins, and click Go. Use "Browse" to select the add-in and then click on OK. Verify that the Date Picker is checked in the add-in list and then click OK.

4) Right click on a worksheet cell and choose Date Picker to open the user form.

Note: The add-in is available as freeware. But you can use the Contact button in the menu if you want to support the development of this Date Picker add-in.

Note: There is also a version for Excel for the Mac, Check out this webpage if you want more information about the Mac add-in.

Note: If you can't find the menu item in the Cell menu and the add-in is checked in the Add-ins dialog see this website for more information :


Open the Date Picker with VBA code for in your worksheet

With the code below you can open/close the Date Picker, you can use the macro below in other VBA projects to open/close the Calendar to insert a date in your worksheet instead of using the menu item in the Cell menu.

Sub CallDatePickerWithVBA()
    Dim TestWkbk As Workbook
    Dim obj As Object

    If Val(Application.Version) >= 12 Then
        Set TestWkbk = Nothing
        On Error Resume Next
        Set TestWkbk = Workbooks("WinDatePicker.xlam")
        On Error GoTo 0
        If TestWkbk Is Nothing Then
            MsgBox "Sorry the Date Picker add-in is not open."
            Application.Run "'" & TestWkbk.Name & "'!OpenDatePicker", obj
        End If
    End If
End Sub

To get the last date picked in the Date Picker you can use :

Sub GetLastDateDatePicker()
    Dim GROUPNAME As String
    Dim APPNAME As String
    Dim LastPickedDate As Date

    GROUPNAME = "RDB Add-ins"
    APPNAME = "Excel for Windows Date Picker"

    LastPickedDate = DateSerial(GetSetting(GROUPNAME, APPNAME, "LastYear", Year(Now())), _
        GetSetting(GROUPNAME, APPNAME, "LastMonth", Month(Now())), _
        GetSetting(GROUPNAME, APPNAME, "LastDay", Day(Now())))
    MsgBox Format(LastPickedDate, "dd-mmm-yyyy")
End Sub

Note : If you want to open the Date Picker from inside your own userform be sure that you open your userform Modeless, with the second macro you can fill in the picked date inside a control if you want.