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EasyFilter add-in for Excel 2000-2003

What Does EasyFilter Do?

Briefly! EasyFilter is a multi-optioned tool that allows far easier filtering of data. It allows easier manipulation of the results of the filtering. Once EasyFilter has been installed, all of the options are accessed under the
Data > Filter menu or by simply right clicking any cell within a criteria field in your data table.

Filter Options are on separate tabbed User Interface and options available are:

Equal-Not Equal [Filters for up to five alternative = or <> criteria]
Blanks [Filters for Blanks or non Blanks or Formulas that evaluate to "" or not]
Greater-Less [Filters for >= OR > AND / OR <= OR <]
Begins-Contains-Ends [Ideal for filtering text fields]
Unique-Duplicate [At last an easy way to hunt out uniques and duplicates]
Special [Text searching with wild cards with up to 5 Or / And criteria]

Dates [Not enabled unless you are filtering a field containing dates]
Color [Fill/Font colors (Normal and Conditional Formatting colors) and Bold cells]

With exception of Unique-Duplicates, option tab, you have 7 "Where-Hows" available:

1) Filter in place
2) Copy to new worksheet
3) Copy to new workbook
4) Delete rows
5) Hide rows
6) Copy next to your data
7) Copy below your data

And for the “Unique-Duplicate” tabbed option only:

1) Filter in place
2) Copy to another location
3) Copy to new worksheet
4) Copy to new workbook
5) Unique or Duplicate


Download version 2.22

With version 2.2 you can also filter on fill/font colors (Normal and Conditional Formatting colors) and on bold cells. On the Blanks tab you can also filter now on Formulas that evaluate to "" and Formulas that don't evaluate to ""

Download Version 2.22 (Add-in date: 23-Aug-2006)

If you need help please read this Superb manual (for version 2.01) first from Norman Harker.
All examples shown in this User Guide are examples that use the EasyFilter Sample Database.xls file.

Download the User Guide (made by Norman Harker) Word document
Download the EasyFilter Sample DataBase (made by Norman Harker)



This Version of EasyFilter is dedicated to the memory of Excel MVP Frank Kabel who was tragically killed in an accident in his home country of Germany on 5th January 2005.

Frank was a tireless tester of the Beta editions of this version of EasyFilter and made many suggestions and comments that make this version what you see today. Some suggestions for development and methods of execution still remain to be implemented in later versions. The Excel community has lost one of the most prolific communicators, educators, and application developers. We have lost a good friend.



Many Thanks to Dave Peterson, Bill Manville, Bob Phillips, the late Frank Kabel and Norman Harker for their help and suggestions.