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Table Tools Add-in for Excel 2007-2016

Briefly! Table Tools is a multi-optioned tool that allows far easier filtering of data in a Table. It allows easier manipulation of the results of the filtering.

In Excel 2007-2016 we have an option on the Ribbon on the Insert tab named Table.

How do I convert my range to a Table:
If you select a cell in your normal range and press the Table button it will show you this dialog.

After you press the OK button you see a nice looking Table and if you select a cell in your Table you'll see that there is a new tab named Design on the Ribbon. You will find a lot of nice options on this tab

But as always I want more options so I created a small add-in that adds a tab next to the Design tab named RDB Tools with a few more options.

1) Turn AutoFilter On or Off
2) Clear Filter of the ActiveCell's column
3) Special Filter options : Filter on selected Cell value, Color, Font color or Icon
4) Special Sort Options : Put selected Cell Color, Font Color or Icon on top and Custom Sort
5) Copy Visible data to a new worksheet
6) Copy visible data to a new workbook
7) Delete visible data
8) Print Table
9) Split data of every unique value in a column to a new worksheet of the same workbook
10) Split data of every unique value in a column to a new worksheet in a new workbook
11) Split data of every unique value in a column to a new workbook in a new folder
      This option creates a worksheet with hyperlinks to the workbooks so you can open them easy

12) Add a button that open a Userform with a lot of Date filter options
        Date to Date
        ISO Weeknumbers
        Nth Weekday

13) Add error checking for the 8192 areas limit in Excel in the copy and delete options and add a option to insert a Sort column named "RDB Sort Column" with numbers 1, 2, 3, .............

When you hit the 8192 areas limit you can do this:

1: Insert the Sort column named "RDB Sort Column"
2: Sort the column that you want to filter (less areas if you do this)
3: Filter this column the way you want
4: Use a Copy or Delete option in the add-in
5: Sort the "RDB Sort Column" to get back the correct order of the records
6: Delete the "RDB Sort Column" column

14) Add a button to delete the the Table column of the activecell
       Easy if you want to delete the "RDB Sort Column" for example.


Download the TableTools Add-in

You can download it here together with a small test workbook
If you have suggestions or find bugs please let me know.

Version 1.12, 19-Jan-2009


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