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Code Manager for MS Excel

What is Code Manager?

It's a toolbox for professional Excel/VBA-developers which will include several tools for various coding tasks.

Code Manager can run on both x86 and x64 Windows platforms. It's a managed COM add-in that can be used for both the x86 version of MS Excel 2010 and later as well as for x64 of MS Excel.

In the first version of Code Manager Toolbox only one tool is available

Code Indentation is a versatile tool to manage all VBA code with. It can operate with code in the VB Editor as well as with standalone vb-files, cls-files and txt-files.

Overview of Code Indentation

The Code Indentation tool can work with VBA-code in the VB Editor in MS Excel and in standalone files with the extension of vb, cls and txt.

When working with code in the VB Editor we can target three levels of code:

To make it simple and easy to use these commands, i e to indent the code, is available in two ways:

Select the command Code Manager > Indentation in the VB Editor's toolbar and select the operation you want to be carried out as the following image shows:

Right-Click in the VB Editor and select the command Code Manager. Next, select the operation you want to execute as the following image shows:

To work with standalone files that contain VBA-code and to interact between the VB Editor and standalone files the Code Editor in Code Manager can be used. It's also via the the Code Editor that all settings can be made. The following image shows the Code Indentation tool in the Code Manager:

In order to improve the tools I welcome any feedback and suggestions of additional tools to be included in the Code Manager toolbox.

E-mail feedback and suggestions to:

Code Manager will always be free of charge


Download CodeManager

Download the zip file : release date 23-11-2016

To install it first unzip the file and then execute the setup.exe by just double click on the exe file and follow the instructions on the screen.

Note: If you have problems with the shortcuts let me know, Instead of Ctrl+Shift+P you can also use Alt+CP as a workeround.



The following requirements must be met before using Code Manager:

The following tools have been used to develop Code Manager with:



The Code Manager for MS Excel is made available based on the MIT License (MIT).

Special thanks goes to Ron de Bruin and Ken Puls.

2016 Dennis M Wallentin


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