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Lotus Notes Mail code examples from Dennis Wallentin

The code examples in this section are created by Dennis Wallentin but are not on his site anymore. But Dennis allow me to publish it on my site for all the Excel/Lotus Notes users in the world. I can't help you if you have problems or want to change things in the code because I never used Lotus Notes, I only share the examples.

Lotus Notes example pages :

Lotus Notes: Save and Remove attachments

Lotus Notes: Save attachments and delete the associated e-mails

Lotus Notes: Retrieve e-mailaddresses from a Notes database

Lotus Notes: Send a workbook as attachment to a created e-mail

Lotus Notes: Send data from a range as part of an e-mail's body

Lotus Notes: Send formatted data from a range or chart as part of an e-mail's body

Lotus Notes: Send the active sheet as an attachment

Lotus Notes: Send worksheets to several recipients