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Mail worksheet templates

Example for using

A teacher have a workbook with a sheet for each student with grades and one sheet where he enter information that is for all his students. With the template sheet in your workbook it makes it easy to send for example all your students a private mail with a workbook or PDF with their own sheet with grades (for example) and a sheet with other basic information that the teacher want to share with his students. That all with one click on the mail button that is on the template worksheet.


After you installed one of the Templates you can :

Right click on any worksheet tab in the workbook you want and choose Insert.
Select "NameOfTheTemplate.xlt" and press OK to insert the worksheet into your workbook. When you save the workbook now the template worksheet will be always a part of your workbook so you can use it to create the mails whenever you want

In the worksheet that you insert there is a Table with fields that are needed to create the mails.
You will use one row in the Table for each mail that you want to create. When you select a cell in the table you can read what you must enter in this cell. If you want to enter more then one sheet, mail address or body line you must separate each entry with Alt Enter so it will be on a new line in the Cell.

What is Alt-Enter ?

If you want to send for example three worksheets you do this

1: Select cell in Sheets column
2: If needed press the delete button to clear the cell first
3: Enter the first sheet name
4: Press Alt Enter
5: Enter the second sheet name
6: Press Alt Enter
7: Enter the third sheet name
8: Press Enter

Note: because it is a Table you can simple enter "yes" in column A on a new line to expand the Table range, you see that it will automatic format and add data validation to the new row. Read the Data validation tips good when you select a cell in the worksheet.

Note: The sheet templates for Outlook 2007-2016 are also a part of my RDBMail add-in for Outlook


Downloads for Excel 2007-2016

Send as Excel Workbook (Outlook)

Send as PDF (Outlook)

Send as Excel workbook (OE, Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail)

Note: After you install the sheet template you want you can delete the install file that you used.


Downloads for Excel 2000-2003

Sheet Template for OE, Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail

Sheet Template for Outlook