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Where can I find the menu commands in Excel 2007

The pictures below will help you to find the commands in Excel 2007.

If you see "Not in the Ribbon(add to QAT)" you can do this to add the command
to the QAT (Quick Access Toolbar).

This is the Office Button :

1) Office Button > Excel Options
2) Customize
3) Choose "Commands Not in the Ribbon" in the "Choose Commands from" list
4) Select the command
5) Add
6) OK

Or faster,right click on the QAT and choose "Customize Quick Access Toolbar"


Menus from the Worksheet Menu Bar

You can also find the Standard and Formatting toolbar below the Worksheet Menu Bar screenshots.






Note: To display the Developer tab go to Office Button >Excel Options...Popular



Where is the list with open files ?

Go to View>Window and right click on the option below to add it to the QAT so it is always accessible.

Another way is to use the shortcuts Ctrl-F6 and Ctrl-Shift-F6 to switch workbooks or Ctrl-Tab


Standard and Formatting toolbar