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Unzip a zip File with WinZip(VBA)

The basic examples on this page use VBA code to unzip with:


Read this: WinZip is not free and the code is only working if you have a registered(no trial) copy of WinZip. See the Zip (compress) section on my site if you want to use a free program like 7-zip.
I really like 7-zip so check out my 7-zip pages if you are looking for a good free alternative.

The code example on this page are using Shell to run winzip32.exe from the command line.
The undocumented parameters below were made available a long time ago, but have not been
supported since the release of WinZip 9.0 SR-1 in December of 2004. But they are still working OK.
Read the information about the undocumented parameters in this text file.

For WinZip 12.1 and up there is a WinZip Command Line Add-in available which would allow you to perform many sophisticated actions from a command prompt, batch file, or other script. Check this out if the code on this page does not do what you want.

Note: If you use version 12 you see that you have a option to use the extension .zip or .zipx (best compression). So it is possible that you must change the extension in the code to .zipx.

For example code to unzip a zip file with WinZip visit :
Zip Activeworkbook, Folder, File or Files with WinZip (VBA)



I have add all the code in a txt file on my site so it is easy to copy it in a module of your workbook.

Click here to open the txt file

1. Ctrl+A to select all the code
2. Ctrl+C to copy
3. Press the Back button in your browser to go back to this page

Open Excel or make Excel the active program
1. Alt+F11 to open the VBA Editor
2. Insert>Module from the Menu bar
3. Ctrl+V to Paste the Code
4. Alt+Q to go back to Excel

When you use the shortcut Alt+F8 now you can see and run the macros.

Note: In WinZip 12 on my test machine it will automatic open the normal folder with the unzipped files in
Windows Explorer, I not see that in versions 9 for example. Don't know what it do when you use anoher version if WinZip because I not use Winzip anymore.

Example A above you can test without changing the code.Only if you want to test example B you must change this code line. Important: Read the comments above and in the code good
FileNameZip = "C:\Users\Ron\" To the path/name of your zip file.